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The Damage is Done: Now What? - Part 3

The Damage is Done: Now What? - Part 3 Image

This is Article #3 on our Ice Damming series. If you are someone who is learning about ice dams the hard way with water dripping from the ceiling, it’s time to call a professional. Above all else, care must be taken in removing the ice otherwise further damage can occur and you will have an even bigger problem.

Some solutions may include:

  • Steaming parts of the roof to melt away the ice dam. Very few if anyone have the equipment and can do this properly.
  • Raking the snow off the roof. Ice dams need a source, namely snow. Ice you rake the snow off your roof you will reduce the likelihood of serious ice damming issues. Raking after an ice dam has formed will stop “feeding” the ice dam.
  • Breaking channels into the ice along the gutters and roof area to allow proper drainage. Done improperly, this method can damage your roof and can exasperate the issue. Great care must be taken in using this method. Done right, it will reduce the flow of water infiltration or even stop it. However, this must be performed every time ice builds up and stops the draining channels. Note, just knocking down icicles is dangerous and won’t necessarily solve the problem. 
  • Another method that is rarely mentioned is using Calcium Chloride pellets to help melt the ice. Never use a salt based melting agent on a roof. Some may say even using Calcium Chloride is not advisable. 

These solutions may help remove an ice dam, but they won’t stop another ice dam when the next snow storm hits. Remember - Preventing ice dams is the best thing you can do with proper insulation and ventilation. Call us at 297-1208 for an appointment.


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